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Rules for Applicants

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Match participants make the following binding agreement:
I am solely responsible for the choices on my rank list and for the match outcome resulting for those choices.
I understand that no participating training program has the right to require that I state how I shall rank that program on my confidential rank list, nor do I have a right to demand that any program inform me how it plans to rank me.
I understand that I cannot avoid accepting an appointment to which I have been matched without a written release from the applicable program. I also understand that another program cannot offer a position to me unless I have this release. I understand that releases are not automatic and my actions may be challenged.
By submitting a rank list, both the applicants’ choices and the program directors choices make the match result a binding commitment. However; Any offer made is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the prerequisite training as generally required and special requirements if specified by a particular training program;
If I obtain a position in this match, I will withdraw from all other matches in post-graduate medicine that compete and conflict with this match. I agree that Match results may be sent other formal matching programs as notice of action under their respective rules.
I declare that I have no obligations (e.g. military) which might prevent me from accepting a position if offered;
I authorize SF Match the use any information I have provided in any study approved by SF Match, provided that no information clearly and uniquely identifies me is disclosed in reports resulting from such a study.

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